Oscar Mike par axelleaflorence

All photos are mine.

"Oscar Mike" by axelleaflorence gathers some photos I took. It is all about what I have loved seeing while traveling or in Paris.

Oscar Mike, un blog de photos : ce que j'ai aimé voir dans le monde. Réalisé avec l'aide de Niki l'appareil photo. Et parfois de Samsuny le téléphone.

i want to thank all of you for looking at those photos and for your support! it means a lot…! 

and also for reblogs:

beautifully framed and theoriginalplant for several reblogs and their great support

luxlit for reblogging shining

photographers of colour for reblogging the man and the declining sun


thephotographerssociety and especially steveatlarge for reblogging light and stones



thank you so much!

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